Thursday, 17 May 2012

Get Paid Doing Nothing

Get Paid Doing Nothing

As the number of broadband connections increase all over the world, more and more opportunities arise to earn money online. Companies move to web servers, and offer jobs to people worldwide.

Get paid doing nothing with Gomez PEER is one of them too, and the special thing about it is that you have to do nothing to earn money working at them. By nothing, I mean, you don't have to work a minute. All you have to do is download a client program from their website, fill in a couple of forms, and leave your computer on and start earning money. From then on, you have an online job.

Gomez PEER launched in 2001 (formerly known as Porivo). They are a peer computing network which measures the performance of customer websites. This is done by the help of their members' computers, which are used to test websites.

Get Paid Doing Nothing
About the earnings: members are paid $.10 per day plus $.03 per hour for each hour of processing time. You have to run the software at least 4 hours a day to get your money for that day. This should not be a problem, as most of us use computers several hours a day. What's more, the program can run while you sleep of course, earning you money without any assistance needed. Another advantage of the site is that you can earn additional dollars by referring other people.

Payments can be requested once a month, with a $5 minimum via PayPal or E-Gold. The program is very reliable and you personal data are kept safe.

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