Monday, 23 April 2012

Keyword Spyglass

Keyword Spyglass has added new functionality to spot traffic brought by every keyword and webpage to help users see the cause-effect relationship between their SEO activities and web traffic. Besides, additional backlinks are pulled from Google Analytics by SEO SpyGlass.

Keyword Spyglass, the tireless SEO software innovator and the company behind SEO PowerSuite, announced today new functionality that delivers Google Analytics data to users right inside SEO PowerSuite, enabling them to better understand what traffic each keyword and webpage bring and also get more backlinks reported on.

“One of the biggest challenges of any webmaster is getting the full SEO picture, i.e. combining important SEO and web traffic data from different sources,” says Viktar Khamianok, CEO, Link-Assistant.Com. “To solve the problem, we integrated Google Analytics stats into SEO PowerSuite. Armed with these data, SEOs can work out efficient result-driven SEO strategy that proves to bring most traffic.”

From now on, Google Analytics data is fueled into three tools of SEO PowerSuite bundle: Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, WebSite Auditor.

Last year, Rank Tracker became the first rank checking tool in the SEO industry to report on the bounce rate and the number of visitors brought in by each keyword.

This time, Rank Tracker is renewed to collect even more Google Analytics Traffic stats, and visualize this profound traffic data in clear-cut and eye-candy graphs.

SEO SpyGlass, the link research tool, is enriched with the 413th backlink source – Google Analytics. This gives SEO SpyGlass users an even deeper insight into their website’s backlink profile, letting them instantly identify all backlinks that bring actual traffic to their sites.

Every webpage is important even if a website has thousands of them. SEOs can now use WebSite Auditor, the on page optimization tool, not only to create compelling, flawless web content and web structure, but also to report on the amount of visitors that every page gets.

That’s an exceptional feature to help webmasters hunt down their top performing landing pages to make sure they are perfectly user-friendly and convert well.

More information on the new SEO PowerSuite functionality 

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