Friday, 20 April 2012

Keyword Spyglass

The main objective of business website owners is to convert the potential buyers into paying customers. This objective can be achieved by performing an important online business strategy called keyword research. If you have been thinking about finding the right keywords to boost your website popularity, the help is getting closer. Here I want to share the secret on how to find the right keyword with the right tool.

What is The Importance of Keyword Research ?


First of all, let me tell you why keyword research is an important strategy to do for your online business. Well, this strategy is a very crucial starting point that determines the success of your business. You will only waste your energy and your money if don’t do it properly. On the other hand, you have a better opportunity to gain more profits when you can find more relevant keywords. What are the benefits of finding the right keywords? Below are some of the benefits you will obtain:

·  Your website will gain good rank in search engines in a faster way.
·  You only need fewer back links to maintain your site rank.
·  You can improve revenue only by doing little effort.

With the significant role of the right keyword for your business, you should place keyword research as the first element of your SEO strategy. Deep knowledge of keyword research and experience are needed to reach the goal.

To prevent you from choosing the wrong keyword, you should also use a reliable system.

This system should be able to find the most relevant keyword among millions of keywords out there. Unfortunately, many website owners find difficulties in finding the right system to use. This makes their efforts to improve their site rank even harder.

If you also face the same problem, you don’t need to get frustrated. I understand that it is very annoying to spend much time for keyword research and you end up with the wrong one. To make your keyword research a fun and profitable process, I would like to offer you a reliable system. This system is especially designed to find targeted keywords with lower competition. If you have been imagining about finding the right keyword easily, now you are one step closer to realize the dream.

Keyword Spyglass
Inside Keyword Spyglass,
you’ll discover and learn PROVEN methods that work (I know because I’ve tried and tested them, remember)

Today, let me introduce you to a reliable system for keyword research called Keyword Spyglass. This software has been designed by young online marketers who know well about SEO. Using this software enables you to simplify the way you improve your site rank. Thus you will still have much time to manage other aspects of your business or to have fun with family.

·         It is able to sort keywords based on expert system. This way enables you to directly select the expected keyword.
·         It enables you to export search result in a file with CSV format. This file then can be opened in Office Excel or Open Office.
·         You can use the software to analyze your competitors in certain countries. This technology is useful especially if you target other local markets besides US.
·         It is able to show you the available domains and also Internationalized Domain name according to the SEO rules.
·         It has Auto Rotating Proxy to rotate the entered proxy. This feature is useful to avoid any blocking from Google caused by the number of query from the software.
·         You can find multithreading in the software that functions to boost software performance. It is able to divide keyword analysis process into sub-sections and perform this task in parallel.
·         The software is able to support Google UK, US, German, Italy, Spain, France and Indonesia.
·         Filtering is now available, so no need to go to Excel to sort out the keywords you want
·         Manual Captcha and Automatic Captcha input is supported to release IP blocks

The next question is: How does the software work? Before using this software, it is important for you to know how the software works. This system is designed by a solid SEO team to perform in an incredible way. In addition, there are no black arts used in the system. The software combines the latest technology in SEO and some smart keyword research tricks. Thus your site will dominate the search engine with no hassle. Below are the explanations on how the software works:

·  It will check some SEO factors automatically such as competitions, real page and page       rank. It is also able to identify how hard the competition is using Fuzzy Logic system.
·  This software enables you to select the appropriate domain name for the keywords. To perform this task, the software comes with Exact Match Domain Checker.
·  The system is able to help you identify competitors’ strength in terms of their on-page and off-page. This kind of research will simplify your SEO campaign. To succeed this technique, KeywordSpyglass comes with SEO Competition Module.

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