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Backlings From Edu Pages Free

One smartest ways to get backlinks — strong, free backlinks — begins with using A leading Web information company, Alexa is a veritable goldmine for this and other useful search engine marketing intel.

It’s great for understanding loads about your Web traffic, and tops for researching your competitors’ keywords. But Alexa is also a powerhouse resource when your site needs strong link love, too.

Every business that’s serious about online marketing needs to get backlinks. The existence of strong inbound links is crucial, in fact. Search engines won’t take your Web pages very seriously without them.

When your site is low on lead-in links, your PageRank stays low. Which can keep your pages “buried” on search engines. Which means you can’t attract sufficient Web traffic. And you know what that means in terms of sales.

So, increasing your site’s link popularity — the number of high-quality inbound links — ignites the flames of passion from search engines!

Here’s the simple search engine marketing tactic to implement: Create a profile on several top sites that allow you to include a link(s) to your website. Study your competitors’ links for an idea of how many links you should add — and from where — to become their equal.

It could take a year to solidly rank higher on search engines than some of your competitors, so activate your linkbuilding plan now.

And to get the biggest bang, participate on some of those sites. When you do, you’ll get even more value from having your link there. Engage in conversations and leave updates that include your keywords.

Enter your top competitors’ URL to learn where their strongest backlinks came from. Try to get most of the same links — the very links that helped them outrank you on Alexa and the search engines!

Go here, to Alexa’s Top 500 Sites On the Web list. Pick and choose the top sites you’d like to have a presence on. In some cases, you’ll see that you already are a member of those top sites… but are you maximizing it?

If don’t have time to create content or update your page, consider hiring a content marketing service to breathe life into it and help send more traffic to your site.

To jump-start your linkbuilding strategy, here are a few of the top places to get backlinks. It helps your SEO to simply join these sites and create a profile. But do if you do more than simply set up your profile, you’

Google Plus — Google’s year-old social media site tops our link love list. G+ is on top because your profile page can easily appear near the top of Google’s search results (when any of the 90 million members do a search for a keyword you’ve used). If you care about being found by your target customers on Google, just know that Google Search gives a bit of preference to Web marketers who use their products.

Facebook — Ditto with having at least a profile created on Facebook. It’s the #2 top ranked site on the entire Web. As an anti-competitive move, Google no longer gives Facebook member updates the high search engine visibility they used to. But the big profile backlink still counts. Plus, making your site discoverable on Facebook by its 900 million users can be a business generator in itself.

YouTube — It’s the source of another easy but hefty profile backlink. YouTube is Google-owned. Create and add some videos using your keywords, and there’s a chance your videos will show up in high, coveted slots on Google Search.

Baidu — The top search engine in China, Baidu is not written in English. Yet, it’s actually fairly easy to get backlinks here. Here’s how to submit your site to Baidu, and how to optimize your Baidu links. If you get confused about which 2 or 3 simple links to click, download a free language translator and you’ll be set.

Twitter — Unfortunately, Twitter’s deal for prime real estate on Google Search was short lived. Like Facebook, it no longer gets the visibility in search engines that it should. But a Twitter profile page gives you a nice backlink, and it’s still one of the most exciting social networks to participate on.

Blogspot — Google’s Blogger blogs deliver lots of link love. Even if you host a blog elsewhere, create a side blog on Blogger. These links are muscle-bound — like Mr. T. (I pity the fool who doesn’t take advantage of Blogger!) Just be sure to update the blog occasionally. Keep linking back to your main site’s pages via your Blogger blog. You might get a nice PageRank pop after six months.

There are countless other free sites and top forums to leverage for backlinks. For example, you can create a profile on sites like eBay and Flickr. Or create side blogs on and Tumblr, both of which are best when periodically updated. Also interesting: Pinterest, the hot content curation site which has skyrocketed to #41 on Alexa.

So, do you know of any similar linkbuilding gems? Which sites do you recommend as good places to get free backlinks? Let us know in your comment.

PS If you’re interested in implementing a larger, more intense backlinking strategy, be sure to check our blog post on Linkbait Creation Tips and Tools.

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