Tuesday, 6 December 2011

HIV Rates

The HIV epidemic in America is far from over. For those who work in the field, many are aware that intravenous drug use infections have decreased because of harm reduction models. Nevertheless, infections in the MSM (males who have sex with males) community continue to rise. Even more frightening, heterosexuals rates of infection are also growing. Upon viewing the demographic, it is evident that many minority populations continue to be oppressed. 

 Black and Latino populations represent highest risk groups for HIV infection in 2009. When infection is compiled by race/ethnicity alone infection rates of minorities nearly doubles as compared to the rate of whites. According to the CDC, ” in 2009, Latino men accounted for 79% (7,400) of new infections among all Latinos. The rate of new infections among Latino men was two and a half times as high as that of white men (39.9/100,000 vs. 15.9/100,000).”Much needs to be done in order to address these disparities. Many researchers call for policy change; however, little has been said about the existence of institutional racism as a force for such disparity. We as social change agents must come up with innovative prevention methods to assist in community education and awareness. 

 Many initiatives are active within the gayborhood of Philadelphia; however, those coming from lower socioeconomic backgrounds are less able to access such information at center city events.

HIV Rates

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