Thursday, 22 December 2011


I have been marketing online since 2005 and have since achieved my goal of being able to work full time from home. I am taking the time from my busy schedule to tell you how I have been able to finance my advertising.
The most important thing you need to remember about internet marketing is that the internet never sleeps. The truth is when you apply a marketing effort you should be able to see results almost immediately or at least within a week. The point I want to emphasize is that if you can harness this non stop medium, even in the smallest amount possible the rewards can be huge. Imagine earning 2 cents for every email that you read. Not to impressive I know.

Now imagine you and 100 others are reading these emails together, you earnings would add up real fast.One such program is 'Hits4Pay'. I choose Hits4Pay first because they offer the best sign on bonus, $5 as a thank you for joining. After joining you will periodically receive emails to a specified email account. These emails are essentially ads for which you are paid. Similar to a traffic exchange only you earn money insted of credits. You view these ads for a few seconds then your account is instantly credited.
Simple right ? have been with Hits4Pay for over 3 years since the beginning and my account has pretty much paid for my advertising. I have over 1000 members under me now and I currently earn 2 cents a minute every day.

Let's see the math:
For every direct email I receive I earn 2 cents (the amount varies, some days I get none), but I do average 65 emails a month for earnings of $1.30 hold on it's going to get better. I said I have 1000 members, so if they average 65 emails each that's $650 in my account plus the measly $1.30 I earned directly. Now that's making money the easy way. That's a nice dollar amount to reinvest back into PPC advertising, or purchasing extra credits for your favorite traffic exchange.
Getting people to become a member under you is the easy part, you just tell people that when they join they get $10 in their account instantly as a thank you reward. Very effective for traffic exchanges. Your ad could look like: Sign Up Now And Get $10 In Your Account In An Instant, Refer Others And Get Your Advertising FREE. 'Do It Now!
When it comes to learning Internet Marketing sometimes it is nice to find a way to offset marketing cost. Internet Marketing is a 24 hour business, Take advantage.

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