Sunday, 25 December 2011

Get More Twitter Followers

So you have great website articles and now all you need is to get eyeballs to read it. Twitter has become a great resource to get your great content in front of the right audience. Of course for Twitter to be effective you need to have followers. Twiends is an excellent tool to help you do just that.

Twiends helps connect Twitter users with other Twitter users to expand their followers. This is accomplished through a very simple system of credits. Every time you follow another users Twitter account year earn credits that can be used to acquire followers to your Twitter account. The more Twitter accounts that you choose to follow the more followers you get to your account.

That is not all that Twiends does for your social networking world. Recently Twiends has added Facebook pages and accounts so you can earn and spend credits increasing your Facebook community. If you are looking to get more followers on Facebook you can earn credits by following Twitter accounts and spend them on Facebook followers. This flexibility makes Twiends extremely powerful.

The one thing to be aware of is that Twitter will stop letting you follow additional Twitter accounts once you are following 2,000 accounts if you don't have enough users following your account. This is where Twiends becomes the best solution. Twiends provides the ability to increase your account credits by simply viewing other users websites. Each website is allotted a different number of credits for viewing it which is determined by the user who is displaying it. What this essentially means is that you can earn credits without following any Twitter accounts by just viewing websites. This will allow you to receive numerous Twitter followers without being capped by Twitter.

There are already more than 100,000 users on Twiends so your ability to expand your Twitter community is amazing. The key to making this service work for you is to grow your account slowly. The best way to use Twiends is to find other users who share your interests and follow their content. Twiends is a great website that should be looked at as another social network that you should participate in to learn and share. Also remember that Twitter should just be one of the many tools you use for your online marketing strategy.

Twitter is an excellent site and promotional tool to supplement your online marketing strategy. While you are marketing your website content on Twitter you should also utilize automated social bookmarking tools to expand your reach even more. Get More =>Twitter Followers<=


  1. Use Twiends To Grow Your Twitter Followers

  2. how does this work? pls brief me more

  3. with this site you can get many of followers and facebook page likes not only this you can also get website visitors if you want. Actually the phenomena on which the site works is “give and get” . Now it will be clear to you all you get credits to follow others on twitter or like pages on facebook and on the other hand you can use these credits to get your followers or likes. for e.g you follow someone you get 5 credits and you list your twitter account and if someone follows you your 5 credits will be deducted. So follow more to get more !