Thursday, 1 December 2011


The newest free to sign up for program to make money on the internet Cash Gopher was released to the public on September 1st and is creating a huge buzz on whether it is a legitimate program. The answer is YES! This IS a legitimate program run by a trusted company.
The program was created by a company doing business as The MyLot domain has been around since 2004 and they are an American company with contact information in Overland Park, Kansas. As of September 1st, 2010 their website had just over 210,000 members.Their main site is similar to other social networking sites except they have a focus on making money from doing different tasks you already do online, like searching, posting links, taking surveys and other tasks that advertisers are willing to pay people for.

The CashGopher program is no different. It pays you for doing simple things like viewing advertisements and visiting websites. What people are most concerned about is that the Cash Gopher program requires you to download a piece of software that runs on your PC.

While this is a red flag to many people, what the Cash Gopher software does is use cookies to determine searches and pages that you access and data about your computer like connection speed, ip address and geographic location. All this in a effort to serve the most relevant ads to potential customers. While having to download CashGopher software makes most people very uncomfortable, it is no different than what huge websites that you visit everyday attempt to do when you search for a page or click on one the links in their search engines.

So most of the ‘chores’ that Cash Gopher does are pretty standard practice and are not dangerous to your computer or your privacy. Let’s face it, if they were going to steal your information or hack your computer would they tell you they were going to install software on your computer?

In addition, most of the Cash Gopher software’s functions are designed to run when you’re away from the computer. Hence their slogan “Make Money Doing Nothing”. So you probably won’t notice it as much as you would think. However if it does slow down your computer or you don’t like the program for any reason you can easily uninstall the Cash Gopher program and remove it completely. If you can stand the pop up ads you can make money with the Cash Gopher software.

While you can “Make Money Doing Nothing” you can make a lot more by referring others into the program. The Cash Gopher referral program claims to offer users 25% of earnings created by their downline. You can request a payment once you have made $10 and at this time payment is sent using PayPal.

You tell me! This CashGopher program is just days old so I’d like to hear about any experiences people have had with them. Any problems you have had with the Cash Gopher software, the referral program, payments, the website control panel or positive experiences you have had with the Cash Gopher program please post them in the comment section below this article. Discuss this program and any others in our online business and affiliate marketing forum.

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