Friday, 30 December 2011

Cash Settlement

Posted on December 28, 2011 by admin JG Wentworth is a leader credited with the buying of future payments, offering cash lump sums to consumers who have in their possession assets in form of structured settlement and annuities. With an experience of more than 15 years.

JG Wentworth has established an elaborate infrastructure combining a highly skilled & motivated workforce, proprietary technology, strong credit & underwriting culture and a dynamic sales & marketing methodologies. Backed by a several trillion dollars total asset base, the company has been able to offer significant opportunities to assist citizens in need of cash now.

JG Wentworth was founded in 1991; at the time it operated as a merchant bank focusing in healthcare transactions. In 1992, the company stepped in to help with the purchase of deferrals, offering cash and receiving interest from claimants who were in immediate need of receiving settlement. JG Wentworth was successful in settling more than 14,000 individuals who could not wait for 18-months post settlement. In 2002, the company achieved a $1 billion in funding which grew to $2 billion in 2005. In 2006, JG Wentworth began buying Life Only Payments. The idea was to give holders of structured settlement and annuity an additional financial flexibility. In 2007, JG Wentworth LLC began buying life insurance policies in exchange for cash lump sum.

The company’s mission of giving immediate cash payment in exchange for future payment streams has created an effective flow of capital to individuals in need of accessing the capital markets. With total assets close to US $2 trillion backing structured settlements & annuities, JG Wentworth foresees many opportunities to help individuals in need of liquidity options.

JG Wentworth seeks to offer customers the benefits attributed to the selling of future payments including the option of catering for the present financial challenges. As opposed to annuity buyout, JG Wentworth buys payments of future annuity from the owner in exchange for a cash lump sum today.

Many of the citizens buy annuities as a practical source of income to cater for their retirement. White others purchase annuities to cushion them against unexpected expenses in the later years. Nevertheless, life changes can result in annuities becoming an unsuitable option. In case you have inherited an annuity or you are considering the possibility of adjusting your financial/ estate planning. JG Wentworth can help in turning the annuity to cash.

Because different individuals exhibit different needs, the company designs a program that is customized to cater for these varying needs and with the benefit of delivering maximum payouts. Furthermore, the company’s trained personnel are available to work with each of their clients through the process in order to provide the necessary support. Cash Settlement

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