Thursday, 29 December 2011

Anti Spam Appliance

Every email user suffer with unsolicited and spam email nuisance. Unprofessional marketing agencies use email to sell their products as it the most simple, easy to use marketing tool and do not involve costs like other marketing media. More than 90% of times they send emails to untargeted customers without bothering the frustration their email can cause to users. Sending penis enlargement emails to female users is one such example of irresponsible and unprofessional marketing practices.

Anti spam appliance basically stop these nasty emails from reaching your inbox. It is a piece of software that identifies and isolates such email. It can be programmed in such a way that instead of inbox, all such emails are thrashed into a spam folder from where you can delete them after confirming they are spam.

Anti spam software is known with several terms like email filters, spam blocking software, spam blockers, etc. With the help of this software you can also block addresses of certain email senders. So that whenever they send email from that address it can be thrashed and deleted.

Spam senders are using different tactics to pass spam filter and reach your inbox. It is a kind of continuous war between them and anti spam companies. Every time filters are programmed to block all such existing emails, they come up with a different strategy to penetrate to your email.

Never open or visit any link from such email as it may contain malicious software and may infect your computer. Many marketing agencies also try to silently install spyware on your computer through which they can know what exactly you are browsing about so that they can send you specific product emails.

It is best to install a good anti spam software on your mail server or open your email account only with email providers who are having anti spam appliance in place so that you can remain safe from all the nuisance. Anti Spam Appliance

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