Friday, 25 November 2011

Solar Eclipses

Solar Eclipses. Before science began to explain the journey and paths of planets in the solar system and their circumnavigation around the Sun, the common belief amongst most cultures was of the end of days and portents to war, pestilence and famine.

Today solar eclipse travel, solar eclipse pictures beamed by television across the world and animated solar eclipse graphics showing over the Internet and other media, have enabled a deep understanding of this awesome natural wonder to completely lose its earlier held mystical and demonic attachments.

A rare solar eclipse, called a hybrid solar eclipse, is where seemingly the sun and the moon appear to exactly coincide. One of the last solar eclipse to create this effect was in 2005.

Solar Eclipses
In 2013 there will be both an annular and total solar eclipse hybrid which will pass through the Greenwich Meridian at 0º latitude, 0º longditude. This is a rare solar eclipse whose next occurence will not be before 2114.

Where solar eclipses pass through least populated areas of the earth and especially when they are full solar eclipses, the unique and awe inspiring sight for travellers and solar eclipse trekkers alike, is a gold mine.

Solar eclipse sun protecting clothing and eclipse glasses are esential and very helpful in making the experience enjoyable and not dangerous.

It is very important not to look at the full solar eclipse without special glasses to protect the eyes. During a solar eclipse in Turkey recently some damaged their vision without proper protection. This precaution, as in other places, to protect the naked eye is essential for all who wish to observe an eclipse.

So what is a solar eclipse?

It is when the sun and moon align either in totality or partially. This alignment allows the moon to seem to be as big as the sun and proceeds to cover the sun's light to the earth for a few minutes at most. This brings an unnatural night during the day and it affects much of the natural kingdom who begin to adopt, in their confusion, their nocturnal behaviours during the day.

Both solar and lunar eclipses hold a magical sway over our imaginations and are cosmic events that bring us to realise how puny we are in the order of things and for a few moments at least, instil a healthy dollop of humility ibto our lives.

To experience a full solar eclipse in sacred and remote mountainous, amid stunningly beautiful landscape, is a rarity afforded to the few. Add to that, these placesmay be some of the remotest on the planet - it adds a precious,awesome and privileged experience.

There is nothing to beat a solar eclipse live. A solar eclipse picture on the T.V. can in no way compare itself to a live viewing.

Solar eclipse tours are a seriously great way of getting to experience this heavenly miracle. Finding yourself a fantastic, informative and emotionally exhilarating solar eclipse travel experience must be one of the highlights of anyone's life. Solar Eclipses

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