Thursday, 6 October 2011

Steve Jobs Share Price

Indonesia stock info - impact apple stock prices on Steve Jobs death ; Local stocks in Apple Inc.'s supply chain, or the so-called "Apple concept stocks", were mixed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in Thursday morning trade after the news of the death of Apple's co-founder Steve Jobs surfaced, dealers said.

They said there have been fears that Apple will be losing its innovative capability without Jobs and take a detour by entering price competition to attract buying, a change in strategy which may create an impact on contract component makers' bottom lines.

As of 11: 30 a.m., cell touch panel maker TPK lost 1.99 percentto NT$543.00 (US$17.7), battery producer Simplo Technology shed 2.49 percent to NT$176.00, and phone camera lens supplier Largan has fallen 3.23 percent to NT$631.00.

However, Hon Hai Precision, the flagship company of the world's largest contract electronics maker Hon Hai Group, gained 2.96 percent to NT$69.60. The group churns out iPhones and iPads for Apple.

"The launch of iPhone 4S has prompted many investors to worry that innovation at Apple is fading as its new gadget has dashed market expectations of a radically redesigned iPhone 5," Horizon Securities analyst Benson Huang said.

Rather than maintaining its innovative capability to win market share, Huang said, the market has been surprised by Apple's announcement that it will cut the prices of iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS dramatically after the iPhone 4S debut.

"Now, the death of Steve has further raised such a concern as many investors have feared that Apple will come up with further price cutting measures," Huang said.

Huang said component makers, such as Largan, TPK and Simplo, which have been dependent on Apple as a major revenue source, may face requirements from the U.S. consumer electronics giant to lower contract service prices.

"I think these component suppliers will have to accept the change. Otherwise, they will lose orders from Apple since they are not irreplaceable," Huang said.

However, Hon Hai shares left behind the negative leads of Jobs' death as Hon Hai Group operates a sprawling production base wordwide which is too big for Apple to find a replacement, Huang said.

"It is hard for Apple to switch its orders to other partners like Hon Hai to roll out a large number of iPhone and iPad to meet global demand," Huang said. "That's why Hon Hai and its affiliates are outperforming other Apple concept stocks this morning."

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