Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Best Adsense Alternatives

This is by far the best adsense alternative I have ever, ever come across. Believe me when I say this. Not even Chitika does this well for me. I put the code on only 5 of my 32 page site this morning. By this evening I had earned 16cents.

I know. To those of you hot shots out there, a measly 16cents is nothing to you, but for me, a nobody in the online world, like the majority of us out there, doing nothing more than just pasting a code onto a page which takes me less than 20 minutes to complete the whole site, is well worth the 16 cents. These will add up.

It took me way longer to get clicks through google. Now, notice, I have only 47 page impressions Not bad, not bad at all. And the CTR is 21.28% again not too bad.

They are an online technology company with a mission to change the current search-advertising market! The company is technology driven and obsessed with constantly improving product offerings and building products based on customer feedback and requests.

They believe in cutting edge innovation and rapid product development. No task is too big and no goal is unachievable for us! We believe in making a difference by building new products that shift the balance of power in the online advertising market! We are passionate about our technology and strongly believe in the value proposition we provide for advertisers and publishers!

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