Tuesday, 3 May 2011

News for Facebookers

Do you log in Facebook so many times in a month? Have You too many friends in Facebook ? Do you like to share your status update everyday? Or are you looking for easy income from online? What ever you want or what ever you demand for online earnings? I must say if you have facebook account and also have huge Friends on it then of course you can earn money pretty easily using easy cash apps in Facebook. So what you need to do is just log in facebook for many times as you can. Do you like to know really is it possible ? Yes this is possible because Easy cash is giving you such kinds of tremendous opportunity to earn instant cash from online.

So what you need to do is - just allow Easy cash application into your facebook account and now start earning money by log in facebook as much as you can. Don't worry about your income - when this income will reached to $5 dollars you can withdraw the cash. You will get $ 1 dollars for first time activate this application to your facebook account. After that you can increase your earnings just complete some survey or invite friends for using easy cash. For this apps you have to use paypal account for withdrawing money. If you don't have paypal account create it today for instant money income. (contact me if you have any questions on how to open a paypal account. its free)

Its a tremendous opportunity for the facebook user. Thanks to Facebook for giving huge earnings possibility using easy cash. So don't hesitate to update your facebook home page with easy cash. every time when you log in facebook easy cash will give you $ 00.1 . So lets say for one month you will get $ 0.30 so try to log in facebook for many times from various isp or computer to make your earnings. Try to invite more people and best way to earn money is try to complete survey which will give by easy cash to you. So why late start earning instant cash from log in Facebook now.

There is a good news for facebookers who loves make money online, after succesfully with paypal wishlist at the early of this year, Facebook cooperates again with 3rd party company, Easy Cash. In order to earn cash from this program,you must have facebook account, then earn $1 for sign up.

All you have to do to earn more money are :

1.) Take surveys and complete free offers to earn cash.
2.) Refer friends and earn $0,1/referral and earn 10% of what they make.
3.) Get paid as soon as you reach $5.00 earnings to your PayPal account

That's the easiest way to earn money on the web. So, if you interested with this program, feel free to sign up here.

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