Friday, 10 November 2017

No Deposit Bonus "Up to $5,000 USD"

No Deposit Bonus
Up to $5000 for all new clients who opened a Live trading account can apply for this NO-Deposit Forex promotion offered by InstaForex. It doesn’t require any investment to get this bonus, the only thing you have to do is fill in your valid email address. Let’s start Live Forex trading with the Free Real Money and cash-out any profits you made through the Bonus.  Kindly note that only the No Deposit Bonus is available only for the accounts that passed the second-level verification, for passing the second level verification it is required to submit the both Photo ID and Utility bill. 

No Deposit Bonus – Trade Live
Joining Link: no_deposit_bonus
Ending Date: December 31, 2017
Offer is Applicable: New Trader Only
How to Apply:
  • Register a Real Account and complete the verification procedure.
  • Apply for this Non-deposit Bonus
  • Trade Live FOREX pairs with the Bonus credit ($500-$5000)
Bonus Withdrawal:
  • Need to trade 3 lots for each $1 USD profit.

Terms – InstaForex No Deposit Bonus

The campaign applies to Standard USD or Standard EUR accounts opened, excluding MT5 accounts
The No Deposit Bonus is available only for the accounts that passed the second-level verification.
The client agrees that in the event the company suspects any fraud activity involving the bonus, the latter can be declared void and the trading result can be canceled.
If you fail to submit the proper documents then your account will be refused to get no-deposit credit into your trading account.
Find more details through the above bonus link, also ask their live support if you any questions regarding the bonus offer, General terms and conditions apply.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Work on Your Own Schedule and Make Money with Uber

Do you have a legal driving license? Want to make a good amount of money with your car? Just join with Uber. Uber is the best platform for any individual who owns a car and wants to earn money. The best part of Uber is, you can work on your schedule. Here I am going to share what are the benefits of an Uber driver.

Time Flexibility
There is no fixed time to drive with Uber. You can drive whenever you want. If you are free and want to take a rider, just turn on the Uber app on your phone and wait for a call from any passenger. After a long drive, if you are feeling tired, you can just turn off the app take some rest. It’s all about your wish. You can drive 2 hours a day or can drive 10 hours a day based on your need. That means you can give time to your friends and family whenever you want.

You are the Boss
There is no pressure when you are driving with Uber. There is no work limit or enormous pressure about work. You will be your own boss with Uber. You can select your area to drive, or you can select an area that you love. From one corner of the city to another corner, everywhere you have the chance to take a rider.

Seeing New Places
When you are a driver of Uber, you have the opportunity to visit different places where you have never gone. Also, there is an excellent opportunity to meet with a variety of people. This will increase your experience about different things.

Uber Driver Discounts
As you will drive for Uber with your personal stuff, so you need to pay all bills yourself. For example, car repairing cost, phone bill, etc. That is why Uber is trying to give some extra facilities to its drivers. Some of the standard amenities that you will enjoy with them are a discount on parts from their partners, discount on tires, sometimes a fuel card to get a discount, etc. That means you are saving some money with these benefits.

FREE registration, FAST approval

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Women & Exercises

Shaping the muscles of the thighs is an important fitness goal. A shapely lower body is considered very feminine, and the right proportion of the waist to the hips is part of the equation. 

It's surprising, but true, thigh toning exercises can be done at home, without equipment and results can be seen in 4-6 weeks. Also, did you know that thigh and hip toning gadgets are not required if you know which exercises work, and how to do them. Most importantly, thigh exercises are most effective when combined with aerobic exercise and a healthy diet.
This means that women must not only do the right thigh exercises, but also include aerobic exercise and sound nutrition to get best results. The following exercises are the most effective front thigh exercises for women. 

The routine also includes inner thigh and rear thigh exercises.
For best results, start with 15-20 repetitions and one set. Increase gradually to 2 sets. Complete the routine at least 2 times a week for best results. This is an effective beginner to intermediate toning program. Please remember that these numbers are general guidelines only. For an optimum program tailored to your needs, please consult a certified personal trainer. If you have any injuries or medical ailments.

Please obtain a physicians clearance before starting any exercise program.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

ClixSense's Affiliate Program

ClixSense's Affiliate Program
The success of online advertising has led some companies to create new and      innovative ways to allow the consumers themselves to share in the Pay-per-click profits these sites are just one way that advertisers can reach their customers. Clixsense is one of these sites, and membership earnings are based on the amount of ads that are clicked and viewed.


ClixSense's Affiliate Program
requires all members to register to take part in their "pay-per-click" opportunity. Once official membership begins, a tiered level of access to the Clixsense website becomes available. Free membership allows for access to ads that cost less per click than that of members who have paid into the program. Advertisements will be displayed on the member's computer screen via the Clixsense site. The member clicks on the ad and a timer begins. The member must then view that ad for a full 30 seconds to fulfill the requirements for payment. There are two levels of Clixsense membership. While Clixsense claims that membership is completely free, opening your e-wallet does offer an extra advantage when it comes to the amount you will receive when clicking on advertising banners. Premium membership, which is achieved when you actually make a purchase through one of the advertisers, opens up a separate level of pay-per-click advertising banners. These banners will usually pay a few cents more than the previous banners ads.


Time Frame


ClixSense's Affiliate Program
Members are paid on a monthly basis, with the minimum payment being $10 If the minimum has not been reached within the monthly time frame, all payments are carried over into following month or months, depending on when the minimum payment requirement is finally reached. There is a $3 processing fee for all checks that are dispersed. Payments can not be sent to PayPal, so it is up to the member to decide how often a disbursement check should be sent. Some members decide to wait until their payment balance is higher than $10 so that the $3 does not have such a noticeable impact on their paycheck. Clixsense also offers an affiliate program that pays out a profit of ten cents for each new membership. Referrals that result in a premium membership also generate revenue for the original member. And when a referred member places a banner ad on the Clixsense website, the referring member receives a total of 10 percent of future generated clicks.



ClixSense's Affiliate Program
gives members the opportunity to earn money online simply by being a Clixsense member Many websites that are viewed on a daily basis contain advertising banners that profit the individual companies who own the banners and the website owner. But Clixsense offers its members the ability to make money themselves by clicking on the ads. Clixsense also offers members the opportunity to place the Clicksense banner on their personal blog in order to generate even more monthly revenue.

ClixSense's Affiliate Program
Many people usually doubt this kind of online advertising. Questions usually arise is whether their ads are watched by real people. Well, I should say some programs work and some other don't. Depends on the program you joined, there are a lot of people made their sales and got sign-ups. Besides, when you signed up to ClixSense, you are registered as an ad viewer therefore you will see plenty of ads.

Initial set per click is $0.01 and maximum is $5.00. You can convert your earnings into advertising points which means less work for you. Higher paying ads will have better page placement than ads with lower pays. For example, a $0.01 ad will be under the $0.02 ad, so if your ads are placed on the first page, you will have more chance for clickers to view your ads. Since ad viewers are paid $0.01 to view your ads, they charge an additional 20% for themselves. Finally, it sums up to $6.00 (equal to the minimum spend) for 500 ad views.

ClixSense's Affiliate Program
Advertisers can choose to display their ads to premium members only or to all members. Also they can decide where they would like their ads to be displayed (choices are North, South, Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania). This feature enables you to experiment with which is the best market for your products. Once you've discovered them, you can see sales flowing to tour account!

From what I know and some of the advertisers experience, ClixSense works well to promote products such as online money making product, methods that teach people to make money working from home, free program affiliation and such. Concluded, ClixSense is a prospective program to place your ads. Because it is so cheap, cost effective and one sale is often several times more than enough to pay for its advertising, you might want to increase your advertising amount while keep improving your pitches and sales copy and determining more products appeal to ClixSense members.
You can also advertise on ClixSense without spending a dime from your pocket! 

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Google SEO

What is an SEO Consultant?
Before we can adequately describe the role of Google SEO Consultants, the terminology associated with search engine optimisation (SEO) needs to be defined.

As most internet users know, Google is the best known and most used internet search engine on the planet. Founded in 1998 by two graduate students from Stanford University, Google is now used to carry out around 75 percent of all web searches. Its market share varies between countries, from around 85 percent in Western Europe, 40 percent in the USA and Japan where Yahoo has a strong presence, to less than 10 percent in China where Baidu is the market leading search engine. In order to be successful, a website needs to be high in the search engine rankings, particularly in Google's rankings as a result of its dominant position.

Search Engine Optimisation:
Search engine optimisation (or optimization) is the technique whereby a webmaster optimises the structure of web pages so that they appear high in a search engine's rankings.
Search engines operate 'crawler' programs that search for web pages across the internet and index the links between them. The search engines use complex algorithms to calculate the popularity of pages in order to create the all important rankings that are displayed when a user makes a search using Google or one of its competitors.

Emergence of the SEO Consultant
When search engines first appeared in the mid 1990s, webmasters could simply submit web page URLs (addresses) to the search engines, so that their websites would appear in the search engine listings. The early search engine algorithms used meta tag keywords included in web pages to calculate their rankings. Website creators quickly realised that carefully chosen meta tags could increase their search engine rankings. This use (and abuse) of meta tags led to the concept of search engine optimization, a term first used in 1996. In addition to the abuse of meta tags, unscrupulous webmasters have also attempted to improve their rankings by linking their websites to an increasing number of other sites, many of them bogus. To counteract the increasing manipulation of search engine rankings, search engine operators were forced to refine their algorithms, a process that continues to this day.

Google SEO Consultants
Research has shown that intelligent web design can significantly increase traffic to your website and that the services of a leading Google SEO consultancy can help increase your ROI.
Because of Google's dominance in the search engine market, many website owners consider employing Google SEO consultants to improve the PageRank (Google's web page ranking system) of their websites. The leading search engine providers are understandably secretive about the algorithms that they use because of the importance of the rankings to website owners. This is where the expertise of a skilled Google SEO consultant can really make a quantifiable difference to your website.

Google SEO Techniques
Search engine optimisation techniques used by Google SEO consultants can be broadly characterised into two types, White Hat and Black Hat - remember the old Western films!

White Hat SEO
SEO consultants who optimise websites using White Hat methods are unlikely to cause antipathy with Google and the other search engine operators. White Hat SEO follows search engine operators' rules and aims to provide good rankings on a long term basis using legitimate SEO practices.

Black Hat SEO
The aim of Google SEO consultants who employ Black Hat methods is to increase websites' PageRank by using techniques designed to deceive the search engine algorithms. This may result in short term improvements in rankings but could increase the risk of websites being de-listed by Google for using dishonest practices to manipulate the rankings.

SEO Consultants Relationships with Google
Google does not directly endorse SEO consultants, so consultants' marketing claims regarding their relationship with Google should always be viewed with that fact in mind. Nevertheless, any reputable Google SEO consultant should be able to improve the ranking of a website without incurring the wrath of Google.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Get Paid Doing Nothing

Get Paid Doing Nothing

As the number of broadband connections increase all over the world, more and more opportunities arise to earn money online. Companies move to web servers, and offer jobs to people worldwide.

Get paid doing nothing with Gomez PEER is one of them too, and the special thing about it is that you have to do nothing to earn money working at them. By nothing, I mean, you don't have to work a minute. All you have to do is download a client program from their website, fill in a couple of forms, and leave your computer on and start earning money. From then on, you have an online job.

Gomez PEER launched in 2001 (formerly known as Porivo). They are a peer computing network which measures the performance of customer websites. This is done by the help of their members' computers, which are used to test websites.

Get Paid Doing Nothing
About the earnings: members are paid $.10 per day plus $.03 per hour for each hour of processing time. You have to run the software at least 4 hours a day to get your money for that day. This should not be a problem, as most of us use computers several hours a day. What's more, the program can run while you sleep of course, earning you money without any assistance needed. Another advantage of the site is that you can earn additional dollars by referring other people.

Payments can be requested once a month, with a $5 minimum via PayPal or E-Gold. The program is very reliable and you personal data are kept safe.

Click here to Register Now


Gomez PEER payment email

Gomez Peer Payment April 2012

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Making Money With Twitter

I have been tweeting for quite some time now so I recently signed up and started testing Sponsored Tweets as a method do generate additional revenue. So far, I've been very pleased with this service. So...

What is Sponsored Tweets?
Sponsored Tweets is an advertising platform used by advertisers to get their message out through Twitter. Faithful Tweeters give product endorsements in exchange for a set price. The minimum acceptable price is determined by the Tweeter. However, the advertisers choose who they want to tweet their message based on the Tweeters popularity (number of followers) and passion (what tags they enter when they sign up).

How Does Sponsored Tweets Work?

Once you've signed up for an account, you will begin receiving offers from advertisers through direct messages in your Twitter account. After viewing the offer and the landing page you are linking to, you decide whether to accept or decline it. Some offers are pre-written tweets and some offers require you to create the tweet. If it's pre-written and you decide to accept the offer, just click the button that says, "tweet this" and the post will be tweeted. If you create your own post, it will have to be approved by the advertiser prior to being tweeted; but once it's approved, it will be tweeted through the platform without you having to do anything additional.

After the tweet is posted, your payment will be credited to your account. In my experience, it only takes a few minutes for this to happen. You can withdraw your once you reach the $50 minimum payout requirement. Payment will be through your PayPal account.

Is Sponsored Tweets Too Good to be True?

I don't believe that it is. So far Sponsored Tweets has proven to be a great way for anyone who already consistently uses Twitter to generate income. It's simple, it's free to join, and it doesn't take a lot of your time. The one concern I've heard from people is that some Tweeters are afraid they may lose followers if they link to a sponsored ad. However, the company requires disclosure in each tweet. Therefore, whoever links within a sponsored ad will know it's an ad. Additionally, since you have the ability to accept and decline the ads, you control what message is going to your followers--don't post an ad that would not be acceptable to your followers or run contrary to your overall message. Based on my experience with this service, I recommend Sponsored Tweets as a method of income generating. 
Making Money With Twitter

You can learn even more about making money with twitter at

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Facebook Business Plan

Facebook Business Plan
Creating a Facebook business plan is essential to achieving success. When you sit down to create a Facebook business plan there is something that most small business owners don't stop to consider, and it could cost them untold thousands of dollars in profits in the long run. Set realistic expectations based on your level of experience and time commitment that you'll be able to make on a daily basis. The one thing that will set you up for failure on Facebook is having unrealistic goals and expectations.

An integral part of your business plan needs to be the creation of a presence on the internet so that people who don't know you exist can find you on search engines like Google. You can recruit new distributors into your downline, but it will not happen overnight it takes time to build relationships and the most important five letter word you will ever hear TRUST. If your friends don't know, like, and trust you they are not going to do business with you.

Facebook Business Plan
You must first evaluate the type of business that you are venturing into and then list down possible subjects that you can write about in your Facebook business plan. Writing a good Facebook business plan, you can build your credibility and image on Facebook. You can post articles in its notes sections that will be read by millions of people. You can even send single messages to the members of your network whether they are business partners or customers. With this facility, you can make business correspondence easily and quickly. This is why you should make your Facebook business plan when marketing your brand online.

When making a Facebook business plan, you should take consideration into 2 following important things:

1. Establish Specific Steps

When doing your business on Facebook, you will want to track progress so you need to break down your plan  into the smallest steps possible. The benefit of planning is being able to think through the sequence, and coordinate related tasks. Having each in order doesn't mean the execution is in the same order. The online  marketing world is rapidly changing, the written plan enables you to mark how things change and to track success or failure. A good Facebook business plan also creates a practical reality without vague "good ideas" but no real way to track success or failure.

2. Define your metrics

Metrics are the measurement of the plan with specific and concrete numbers. If you can measure, you can implement change otherwise it is an activity and may or may not affect your business. Use a spread sheet to look at the numbers and use the graphical interface so it will speak to you in pictures. You might need numbers that show more visitors to your website. Google can provide you with some numbers in this area. You might also use coupon discounts from the website or Facebook page as counters. It will be different for every business and every marketing plan, but it must always have a connection to your objectives.

A Facebook business plan is  important.  If you didn't have the plan, you wouldn't know how to correct, and how assumptions have changed. The result is steering, and management. Your business plan is a living document, a tool. Don't let it become a piece of paper, lost and getting dusty somewhere.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Keyword Spyglass

Keyword Spyglass has added new functionality to spot traffic brought by every keyword and webpage to help users see the cause-effect relationship between their SEO activities and web traffic. Besides, additional backlinks are pulled from Google Analytics by SEO SpyGlass.

Keyword Spyglass, the tireless SEO software innovator and the company behind SEO PowerSuite, announced today new functionality that delivers Google Analytics data to users right inside SEO PowerSuite, enabling them to better understand what traffic each keyword and webpage bring and also get more backlinks reported on.

“One of the biggest challenges of any webmaster is getting the full SEO picture, i.e. combining important SEO and web traffic data from different sources,” says Viktar Khamianok, CEO, Link-Assistant.Com. “To solve the problem, we integrated Google Analytics stats into SEO PowerSuite. Armed with these data, SEOs can work out efficient result-driven SEO strategy that proves to bring most traffic.”

From now on, Google Analytics data is fueled into three tools of SEO PowerSuite bundle: Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, WebSite Auditor.

Last year, Rank Tracker became the first rank checking tool in the SEO industry to report on the bounce rate and the number of visitors brought in by each keyword.

This time, Rank Tracker is renewed to collect even more Google Analytics Traffic stats, and visualize this profound traffic data in clear-cut and eye-candy graphs.

SEO SpyGlass, the link research tool, is enriched with the 413th backlink source – Google Analytics. This gives SEO SpyGlass users an even deeper insight into their website’s backlink profile, letting them instantly identify all backlinks that bring actual traffic to their sites.

Every webpage is important even if a website has thousands of them. SEOs can now use WebSite Auditor, the on page optimization tool, not only to create compelling, flawless web content and web structure, but also to report on the amount of visitors that every page gets.

That’s an exceptional feature to help webmasters hunt down their top performing landing pages to make sure they are perfectly user-friendly and convert well.

More information on the new SEO PowerSuite functionality 

Friday, 20 April 2012

SEO Spyglass

SEO-Spyglass can be called as an ideal backlink checker tool that can make you reach a step ahead in online promotion of your business through website. As this link checker tool helps in getting quality backlinks to your websites' URL, more traffic is attracted towards your website and thus your business gains popularity on internet. In online marketing, everyone expects a large number of backlinks to his/her websites. SEO-spyglass, a backlink checker tool helps in checking the amount of inbound backlinks gained by your website. This link checker tool is no more an uncommon tool used to accomplish the main motive of internet marketing i.e. online traffic to your website. Let's read further and get acquainted with the features and benefits of SEO spyglass.

SEO- spyglassis a backlink checker tool that ensures expected number of backlinks for your website. Although we pay for getting this link checker tool, but there are certain places from where backlink tool free of cost. One must look for these websites first before buying a SEO spyglass tool. These days, in the era of internet, there is massive struggle for getting more and more online popularity and attract traffic towards ones' own websites'. Internet marketing depends all on search engine rankings. The number of visitors you get is directly dependant on this ranking or placement. Another way to get traffic is through backlinks. These are links that link from other page but finally reaches your websites' URL. For this link checker tool is the most effective way. Named as SEO spyglass, a backlink checker tool helps in getting quality backlinks for your website.

Regarding working of SEO spyglass, this link checker tool traces the total number of backlinks your competitors are using. Secondly, it tracks about the links that are driving traffic to their websites. It also figures out what keyword density and anchor text words or phrases your competitors are using and determines how valuable each of your competitor's links is, including the Google Page Rank for each. So, in a way, SEO Spyglass works as a spy on your competitors' websites, tracks all the backlinks they have and also provides useful websites so that your website can gain quality backlinks. The best thing regarding using SEO spyglass- the link checker tool, is that all the data or information facilitated to you is tried and factual. The backlinks provided by this backlink checker tool are really useful in attracting large number of visitors to your website and thus help it gain online popularity. It reveals the secret how and from where your competitors, ranking high on SERP's, are getting back links. Using same websites, you can also aim at attaining higher ranks. SEO spyglass can also be downloaded online.

Keyword Spyglass